Meet Our Staff

Mrs. Heather Gourley 


Mrs. Gourley has lived in the New Bethlehem community for over twenty years. She came to the area with her husband, Eric, to raise their children and become part of the family business. 

Mrs. Gourley has spent the majority of her time in the area raising her five daughters. During those years, she homeschooled their primary education and was engaged with the community in various leadership roles. She was a founding developer of the Redbank Valley Community Center. In 2018, she enrolled at Clarion University to add an early childhood education certificate to her bachelor’s degree in child development from the Pennsylvania State University. This certification enabled Mrs. Gourley to purchase Little Bird Preschool, which she has operated for the past six years. Early childhood education is truly her passion. She loves being instrumental in the curiosity and wonder of this magical age. Two years ago, she partnered with her church to form Leatherwood Academy. Being the director of the academy, Mrs. Gourley gives teachers a place to thrive and truly love what they do. As a result, this will instill a love for learning in our students.

Mrs. Patty Magagnotti

Teachers Assistant 

My name is Patty Magagnotti and I am the teaching assistant for preschool at Leatherwood Academy-Little Bird Primary. I began this wonderful career path 12 years ago as an aide at Little Bird Preschool. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to continue this journey and help to positively influence a childs first academic experience. 

Mrs. Tia Yori 


I am Tia Yori, the kindergarten teacher here at Leatherwood Academy. I have been working in education with children for nearly five years. I am a kind and caring teacher who wants all children to be successful learners. I work to create a classroom atmosphere that is encouraging and adaptive to the various needs of the students. I strive to develop hands-on lessons that will capture a child's imagination. It's a privilege to be part of the staff and work with the students here. I hope to meet you and your child in my classroom soon!

Mrs. Krista George

Teachers Assistant

My name is Krista George and I am the kindergarten assistant teacher at Leatherwood Academy. I have worked in early childhood education, either as a classroom aide or assistant teacher for the past 12 years. I have a passion for working with young children and I love what I do. I feel blessed to be a part of the Leatherwood Academy family. 

Miss. Tonya Hockenberry 

First Grade and Second Grade Combined 

I am Tonya Hockenberry and I have taught grades K-5 for over 20 years.  The majority of my teaching has been in public schools.  Three years ago, I joined the adventure of our school and have loved working here, the staff, students, and their families.   It is a joy to be able to read the Bible and to share the love of Jesus with the students and to see their excitement and faith grow.  My favorite thing about teaching is seeing students become excited about learning.  When they can connect things and understand new concepts, the joy that they have is contagious.  I strive to instill in them a sense of wonder and curiosity that will make them learners for life.

I also have the privilege to pastor the Hawthorn Church of the Nazarene.   I love the Lord and hope to be a light in this world that points others to the hope that is found in Jesus Christ.  I love to serve on mission trips and have been on several to Boston, Costa Rica, and Africa.  In my free time, I love to spend time with my family, play card and board games, travel, sew, and read.  

Mrs. Daphne Vogel

Teachers Assistant

My name is Daphne Vogel. I spent 15 years working in public education. I worked as a child specific aide, in title math and reading, and special education. I felt God leading me to do something new. God opened the door for me at Leatherwood Academy. I have been with them for 3 years. It is such a blessing to not only teach students academically but also teach them about the love of Jesus. To work with little children is a gift and wonderful privilege. I am thankful I have chosen to be a part of this wonderful community. Personally, I am a wife, mother, grandmother, youth leader, Sunday School teacher, and have a heart to help others. 

Mrs. Betty DeSantis

Third Grade and Fourth Grade Combined

My name is Betty DeSantis and I have been teaching children for over 10 years. My goals for teaching are to meet each child where they are, both academically and emotionally. Also, I try to instill a love of learning in students, in the hopes they become lifelong learners.  When I am not teaching, I enjoy spending time with my family, being outside, and traveling. 

Mrs. DeSantis will be joining the First Grade and Second Grade combined classroom in the 2024-2025 school year.