Parent Reviews

Hello! I'm a student grandmother. I'm a retired Special Ed teacher and from both standpoints I'm sending you some well deserved kudos! My granddaughter was reading some new books that I had bought her and came across some challenging words. She did such a spectacular job using her phonics skills to sound out those words as well as using context clues for understanding. She was so very confident in doing this without demonstrating any anxiety and with such fluency! And...she was so very proud of herself in accomplishing this! So, I truly want to give you the highest compliment for your curriculum in teaching these reading skills! I am a firm believer that if the children have a phonics based program that they are avid readers and generally are much better students in all subject areas. So from me, I want to thank you for your excellent teaching methods and all the diversified classroom and enrichment activities that you do for my sweet granddaughter. Have a lovely evening! Kathy